Canon T7i

Canon T7i

Canon T7i

Are you looking for a reliable and versatile DSLR camera for your photography needs? Look no further than the Canon T7i, an exceptional camera that’s perfect for beginners and professionals alike. In this article, we’ll explore the features, specs, and benefits of the Canon T7i and why it’s a must-have for any photography enthusiast.The Canon T7i is a popular entry-level DSLR camera that offers a range of features for both photography and videography. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the Canon T7i and its key features.


The Canon T7i is a versatile DSLR camera that is perfect for beginners who want to step up their photography game. It features a 24.2-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, DIGIC 7 image processor, and Dual Pixel CMOS AF system, which enables fast and accurate focusing. The camera also offers a range of features for video recording, including Full HD 1080p recording and a 45-point all cross-type AF system.

Design and Build

The Canon T7i has a sleek and lightweight design that makes it easy to handle and carry around. It weighs just 532g and measures 131.0 x 99.9 x 76.2mm. The camera has a polycarbonate body with a deep handgrip that provides a comfortable and secure hold. It also has a vari-angle touchscreen LCD that can be tilted and swivelled for easy framing and shooting at different angles.

Overview of the Canon T7i

Before we dive into the details of this camera, let’s take a brief look at its overview. The Canon T7i is a compact and lightweight DSLR camera with a 24.2-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, 45-point all cross-type AF system, and DIGIC 7 image processor. It also features a vari-angle touchscreen LCD, Full HD 1080p video recording, and Wi-Fi/NFC/Bluetooth connectivity.

Features and Benefits

Let’s explore the features and benefits of the Canon T7i in more detail.

Image Quality

The Canon T7i boasts a powerful 24.2-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor that captures stunningly detailed and sharp images. The sensor also features Dual Pixel CMOS AF, which ensures accurate and fast focusing in both Live View and Movie modes.


The Canon T7i’s 45-point all cross-type AF system delivers swift and precise focusing performance, even in low light conditions. It also features a continuous shooting speed of up to 6 frames per second, making it ideal for capturing action shots.

Vari-Angle Touchscreen LCD

The camera’s 3-inch vari-angle touchscreen LCD allows you to easily compose shots from different angles and review your images and videos. You can also use the touchscreen to select and adjust focus points, making it a breeze to shoot in Live View mode.

Full HD 1080p Video Recording

The Canon T7i allows you to capture Full HD 1080p videos at up to 60 frames per second. You can also use the camera’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF system for accurate and smooth focusing during video recording.


The Canon T7i features Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to easily share your photos and videos with your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can also use the Canon Camera Connect app to remotely control the camera and shoot from your mobile device.

Who is the Canon T7i for?

The Canon T7i is an excellent camera for anyone looking to take their photography skills to the next level. It’s a great choice for beginners who want to learn more about photography and explore their creativity, as well as professionals who need a reliable and versatile camera for their work.

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In conclusion, the Canon T7i is an exceptional DSLR camera that delivers outstanding image quality, fast and accurate autofocus, and a host of features that make it a joy to use.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the Canon T7i is sure to exceed your expectations and help you capture stunning photos and videos. In conclusion, the Canon T7i is a versatile and user-friendly camera that offers a range of features for beginners who want to improve their photography and videography skills. Its compact and lightweight design, excellent image quality, and range of shooting modes and features make it a great choice for a wide range of photography needs.

With its affordable price and impressive battery life, the Canon T7i is a solid choice for those who want a reliable and high-performing camera.


Q1. What kind of lenses can I use with the Canon-T7i?

A1. The Canon-T7i is compatible with all EF and EF-S lenses.

Q2. Can I shoot in RAW format with the Canon-T7i?

A2. Yes, the Canon-T7i allows you to shoot in both RAW and JPEG formats.

Q3. Does the Canon-T7i have a built-in flash?

A3. Yes, the Canon-T7i has a built-in pop-up flash.

Q4. How long does the battery last on the Canon-T7i?

A4. A4. The Canon-T7i’s battery can last for up to 820 shots on a single charge.

Q5. Is the Canon -T7i a good choice for video recording?

A5. Yes, the Canon-T7i is an excellent choice for video recording, with its Full HD 1080p recording capabilities and Dual Pixel CMOS AF system.

Q6. What is the price of the Canon-T7i?

A6. The Canon-T7i is priced at around $749 for the body only and $899 with the 18-55mm kit lens.

Q7. Can the Canon-T7i shoot in RAW format?

A7. Yes, the Canon-T7i can shoot in RAW format, which enables you to capture more details and adjust the image in post-processing.

Q8. Does the Canon-T7i have a microphone input?

A8. Yes, the Canon-T7i has a microphone input that allows you to record high-quality audio while shooting videos.

Q9. Is the Canon-T7i weather-sealed?

A9. No, the Canon-T7i is not weather-sealed, so it is not recommended for use in harsh weather conditions.

Q10. What lenses are compatible with the Canon-T7i?

A10. The Canon-T7i is compatible with Canon EF and EF-S lenses, which provide a wide range of options for different types of photography.

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