VAFOTON Pull up Assist Bands,Latex Resistance Band Loop for Strength Training,Warm up,Streching,Muscels Building,Home Gym Equipment for Men and Women-Light Level

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About Usage:
1.Choose suitable bands of intensity base on your needs.Suggest to proceed your training target in an orderly way and step by step.
2. Good accessories for multiple trainings.It can be used singly or gone with other equipments.
3.A carry bag for you to take the bands easily.

Why use the resistance bands in exercises:
1.Moderate load-bearing exercises are crucial for bone density and muscle strength.Resistance can make muscle bare heavier load in training,boost muscle strength and flexibility.Strong muscles also reduce joints burden and keep joints more stable.
2.Elastic exercise bands also train ability of muscle control,when the body workout in instability,they can excite deeper muscles to complete the movments,thereby achieve the training effect.
3.They are easy carrying and storaging,occupy only a little space.Take the bands and enjoy your easy workouts anywhere anytime.

Best Gift for You and your family and friends.
VAFOTON resistance bands,with different resistance groups for using,make exercises more effective and convenient.Let us get more benifit with the bands and share the healthy liftestyle to your family and friends.

Using Tips:
1.Store it in shade and avoid direct sunlight.
2.Wipes it to clean with cool water after use.
3.Avoid stabbing it with sharp objects.

[Functional training resistance bands]Use VAFOTON exercise bands to train full body with different levels resistances.Strengthen musclular power,dimension,endurance,flexibility and balance in arms,back,butt,legs and core area trainings
[Eco-friendly material]VAFOTON bands made by natural latex with high elastic ,durable feature.Smooth surface and kerf,odorless, anti-slip and curled when using it in different movements
[4 levels configuration for all kinds of users]Light Level bands are mostly for beginners or warm-up setion.They also a good tools for phsical theropy.Medium Level bands are normally for intermediates in stretching,strengthening.Heavy and Heavy+ bands are for advanced who use them to assist pull-up and other heavy-duty exercises
[Your personal movable gym]The bands are portable,they can assist to fulfill all workout movements no matter at home outdoors or even in office.They also can be used with other equipments/machines/tools to achieve your training target
[Suitable for men and women]VAFOTON bands, effective for both upper and lower body,assist to shape your body and weight loss,use them in warm-up,improve and relex muscles before and after exercises to avoid sport injuries and muscle recovery.Useful tools for Daily workouts

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