9HORN Exercise Mat/Protective Flooring Mats with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles and Edge Pieces Suitable for Gym Equipment, Yoga, Surface Protection

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(as of May 16,2022 07:57:05 UTC – Details)

If you are a yoga or meditation enthusiast, you know just how handy a mat is for you. For most people, however, their mats inconvenience them by the fact that they do not fit in all rooms or available spaces. This is especially true for limited spaces such as some certain living rooms.
If you have been faced with this challenge before, then an interlocking mat is the way to go for you and is a real savior. The mat allows you to connect the pieces as far wide as you may wish and also to fit the amount of space that is available to you at that particular moment. What it does is make it possible for you, to do yoga, regardless of the place you are in.
In one set, you get twelve pieces each measuring 11.8×11.8 inches. These pieces are easy to fit just like a jigsaw, and even the process of dismantling the pieces after you are done is a simple one as well. At the edges, you have pieces that allow you to lock the other piece tightly and avoid damaging the other parts of the pieces.
The mats are a perfect fit not only for yoga but any other workouts and gyms as well. If you are thinking of providing a soft surface for gym-goers at your gym, you may want to consider this product which reduces the stress on their feet as they work out. Not only that, it helps protect the floor surfaces from scratches and any other damage that it may get from being bare.
You can choose to buy pieces of the same color and choose from a galore of up to six colors. Alternatively, you may choose to mix these colors to come up with a unique mat that will enhance the appearance of the room that you do your work out in.
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12 interlocking tiles – This mat gives you the convenience of fitting together twelve pieces each measuring 11.8×11.8 inches through an easy jigsaw-like fitting process. The Pieces can be extended or shrunk as space allows and thus gives you a chance to work out or do your yoga from even the smallest room.
Variety of colors – With this mat, you have the option of picking from any of the available six colors of the pieces; green, purple, red, black, gray and blue. You also have the option of mixing any of these colors to get a pattern that most suits your style. This helps to make your floor surface more appealing and can be matched to the mood of the day or theme you are going with.
They are thick – The mats are 0.5inch thick compared to ordinary mats that usually have a thickness of 10mm. This ensures that if you are working out on the mat, the floor does not hurt you should you fall. It is a valuable protective mechanism for both people and even the floor itself from scratches.
Comfortable – As you do your workout, the mats help to make you feel comfortable and thus you can focus better on getting the most out of your workout or yoga. For yoga poses that require you to lie down on the floor, this mat helps you do that without any discomfort from the hard floor surface or the cold from it.
Durable – the mats are durable and will serve for a period of up to two years without needing any replacement. This is a worthy investment, especially for a gym where the floor surface is prone to damage from heavy material.

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